by Anna Pest

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D. Novak
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D. Novak Great composition and musicianship! Somber when it needs it, crushing all other times. That riff in Asmodeus - fantastic! Favorite track: Asmodeus.
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Ken Amazing song writing, and solid musicianship. I've been loving this album. Dark, Brutal and beautiful all at the same time. This a must own release for 2016. I highly recommend. This album bleeds blackness, intelligence and Emotion. Catchy guitar licks, pulse pounding drums, rhythmic bass. Vocal are raw and visceral. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Anna Pest. Favorite track: Golgotha.
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Drawing influence from the works of artists such as Silencer, Bethlehem, Dark Fortress, and Agalloch, “Forlorn” is an eclectic release which explores various branches of black metal, from the atmospheric to the vicious, the melodic to the depressive.

Those familiar with the “pop-metal” style exhibited by my earlier work on “Transmission” and my repertoire of covers on YouTube will probably be taken aback by this comparably dark release, but an open-minded listener will, I believe, find it to contain some of my best compositions.


released August 4, 2016

All music composed and performed by April Hutchins.
Recorded and produced by April Hutchins at Muffin Studios, Montreal.
Mastered with LANDR.

Clean vocals on “Forevermore” provided by Red Skull (Mellevon).
“Forevermore” first conceived during a jam with Sandre Rivière.

Modeling and editing by April Hutchins.
Makeup and prosthetics by Samantha Lamothe.
Photography by Nohan Baffir Fleurant.



all rights reserved


Anna Pest Montréal, Québec

Eclectic metal solo artist from Montreal, Canada.

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Track Name: Countenance
“You cannot see my face,
For no one may see me and live.”
(Exodus 33:20)

Filthy hands; rats in the walls.
Fetid flesh walks about in the dark.
I sweat through the coldest nights
Alone, with their hair in my eyes.

The candle flame wavered
As in the winds of a mountain,
But the air had long gone stale
With mildew, musk, and hate.

Frost lightning struck.
The wall obeyed
The parting clouds of a storm,
And I saw the face of God,
And I saw his eyes were rotting.

I've been in this basement for a year.
My skin is piled on the stairs.
Track Name: Asmodeus
“Flee fornication.
Every sin that a man doeth
Is without the body,
But he that committeth fornication
Sinneth against his own.”
(1 Corinthians 6:18)

My friend, you've chosen
The best way to falter,
For from this place, even
The strictest of seraphs abscond.
No blood stains my unholy altar
But the ichor of my darling Hecate's cunt.

You've been misled, for this is paradise.
A better fate could not a man befall.
Should you run,
Then the laughter of my brethren
Shall haunt you in your every step
Until the end of it all.

You may call me Asmodeus.
Recline; you've come a way.
Oh, cease this drawl; you're boring us.
Waste no breath; you're here to stay.

Have you felt the succubi's fellation?
It is better than the eunuchs
Care to divulge.
I procure such lustful wonders
As to quell the very rage of God,
Should he only care to indulge.
Track Name: Nyctophobic
They come for me every night,
Every time I close my eyes.

Ixtab, take me in your arms
And grant me shelter from the dark,
The creatures crawling in between my eyelids,
The horror chewing through my heart.

Too long, I’ve suffered in my slumber
Fearing that I never would awake.
I’ll hang the rope from the rafters.
My life is only mine to take.

I’ve been waiting for this every night.
This is the last time I will ever close my eyes.

I'll never sleep again.
I’ll never dream again.
Track Name: Golgotha
Crucified and left to die
With martyred madman dripping at my side.

Rusted nails stick through my hands.
I’ve no breath left to claim my innocence.
With haggard breath and blood-drenched thighs,
The crows descend to pick my fucking eyes.

Now, behold the son of God,
The torn cadaver. Drag him through the mud.
Call him not the king of kings.
I bow my head but for my suffering.

I hang on the cross to bleed,
Tried for a petty thief,
Reduced to writhe in shame,
And no one will know my name.

This fool shall rot with me
On this plain of Calvary,
Depraved, consumed by pain;
And no one will know my name.

We die; this place of skulls, it hungers for our flesh.
We lie; the self-proclaimed immortal laid to rest.
I die, blood pouring from my hands and from my feet.
I lie, a worthless piece of filthy, festered meat.

Oh God, deliver us from senseless agony.
My every breath exhaled excruciatingly,
I die, blood pouring from my hands and from my feet.
I lie, a worthless piece of filthy, festered meat.
Track Name: Only
Only when the noise stops,
When the light breaks,
When the waves still,
When the earth sleeps.

Only as the night falls silent,
And the moonlight shines cold,
And the dark trees speak
In wordless whispers of aeons past.

Only when the sun has set forever,
Has shined out its last,
Wandered away through the cosmos in spite
To look upon us nevermore,
Only when the last bird has sung,
When the last flower has wilted,
When the last leaf has fallen,
When the last river has run dry.

Only when every last drop of blood
That once coursed through your fragile veins
Paints this cursed earth
As a final crimson catharsis,
A monolith to the agony of existence,
And has dried beneath the dead air,
Wasted away, along with everything else
That once drew breath.

Only then will this world know peace.
Track Name: Euthanize
They've shut me away,
Broken me down.
I've been stripped of my pride,
Shot through the vein with poison
To rot here, away from the light.

I can't be at all.
Trapped in the hull of my body,
I will rot in this hole,
Deprived of the life
That was promised me.

My god has no face.
He speaks to me nightly
As tongues of the lice,
Through the rust of my cage,
Pierce me to keep me anaesthetized.

God, let me die,
Wracked to my soul
With this agony.
Fuck, let me die.
The fires of Hell
Shall devour me.

The fires of Hell
Will show me the way.
Track Name: Forevermore
You can’t hold on much longer,
And I’m not any stronger.

So, save your breath.
The lies you’ve told me
On and on and on
Will hold me when you’re gone.
So, stay your chest.
It pounds in my ears
On and on and on and on,
On and on and on and on.

Cast these tattered wings off.
Take these shattered dreams
I’ve dragged along.
They’ll burn before my eyes tonight,
And this despondent, torrid,
This fucking torpid fire
Will burn behind my eyes forevermore.

If there’s one thing I should say,
You meant everything to me.
You’ll burn behind my eyes forever,
And when your last breath fades away,
Though you won’t remember me,
You’ll burn behind my eyes
Until the end of time.