by Anna Pest

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If you’re a fan of heavy, downtuned riffs, catchy hooks, sweet n’ cheesy pop melodies and/or screams run through a vocoder, you’ll definitely find something to enjoy in this set of five tasty songs!

The lyrics on this EP collectively sum up the internal struggle that I’ve dealt with over the course of past five years. I sincerely hope someone out there finds some kind of empowerment through them. One thing I can say for sure is that it was wonderfully cathartic to record them.


released May 5, 2016

All music composed and performed by April Hutchins.
Recorded and produced by April Hutchins at Muffin Studios, Montreal.
Mastered with LANDR.
Cover artwork by April Hutchins.



all rights reserved


Anna Pest Montréal, Québec

Eclectic metal solo artist from Montreal, Canada.

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Track Name: Transmission
This is my transmission.
Are you there?
Can you hear me calling you?
If you care to listen,
Know that this is all that’s left
For me to do.

I don’t need your blessings.
I don’t need you to understand.
I just want you to accept this,
But I’ll survive if that’s something
That I can’t have.

I’m sending out a message.
I have to go, I know not where.
I have to do this on my own,
And you can join me if you dare,
But I’m not waiting for you.

This is my admission
Of the sins that I’ve committed
And will commit again
Without remorse, inhibition, or fear.
I don’t want your forgiveness,
Only your ear.

I’m tired of running in circles,
Wishing that God
Would get me right next time.
I’m sick of searching for purpose.
I’ve realized that I don’t matter.
I never mattered; that’s why.

No, I’m not waiting for you.
I’m not waiting for you.
Track Name: Gloves
Slipping into what seeps into me;
A cognition born of aesthetic.
Slowly sickening beneath the stench of flesh,
I have turned to the pure synthetic.

I embrace this new existence,
Leaving my identity torn.
I was born without a choice,
But through this choice, I am reborn.

Put on my gloves.

Converge, assimilate.
Emerge reincarnate.
I am made better as I change
To become what I admire.
Disown anatomy.
Dethrone “reality.”
I am made better as I change.
I’ll throw it all away.

Becoming one with the woven darkness,
A second skin, as I shed the first.
I reject what has been thrust upon me,
This vessel soon to harbour my rebirth.

The tension rises, overrides us,
And we’re ready to blow.
Embrace the burn and pretty soon,
You won’t feel pain anymore.
It’s moving fast, we won’t outlast,
But we can do it again.
So, leave your worries
At the door and just breathe.
Track Name: Belonging
I’ve spent my life believing
All along that I was in control,
But now, I know that as
A product of consequence,
This flesh has trapped my soul
And leaves me...

Barren to the life I had hoped for.
Charon, take me in, away from this world.
Maybe therein I’ll find the peace that I sought
As this form is distorted by flames.

I have been forced
Into something that was
Never meant to be.
My mind’s been tainted
By something I was
Never meant to see.
I’ll never belong.

I can hide my face and bury my flesh,
But my blood the same still flows,
That I might suffer through this force of belligerence,
Which slowly takes its toll and leaves me...

Empty to the world of potential.
It’s left me dying on the steps of the temple
To tempt me into my final submission,
Ever to dwell in despair.

I’ll leave this behind.
I won’t be made to
Crawl like a worm through
The dust of my severed name.
Their eyes will be blind,
Their ears deaf to
All that I’m leaving to rust,
And they’ll never know.
Track Name: Hey Girl
Hey girl,
I heard about that thing you’re doing,
Being who you wanted to be,
And that’s just great, girl.
I wish I were as brave as you,
But that’s been shaken right out of me.

I know there’s nothing I can do to
Help prepare you, and there’s
Not a thing that I can do to
Change your mind;
I’ll try just the same.

So, keep your head up
And keep your eyes turned down.
Just keep your head up
And keep your feet on the ground,
And remember that this world is not
A pretty place for us.
So, keep your head up
And keep your hopes down.

Hey girl,
I don’t know what you think you’re doing.
Really hope you’re fucking with me,
‘Cause you’re insane, girl.
Look at what you’ve done to yourself.
Come on now, can’t I get you to see?

Don’t know if you’ve already noticed this,
But sometimes, life’s a living hell for us.
Did you know one in every twelve of us
Will die in an alleyway?

I’ll keep my head up.
Won’t let you bring me down,
‘Cause I’m fed up.
I’m not playing around.
And this world can be a shitty place,
And sometimes, you’ll lose the fight.
Just keep your head up.
It’s gonna be alright.
You’re gonna be alright.
Track Name: Stand for This
Stand down.

Here comes another one.
Another preacher comes to
Consternate me with ignorance.
Your audacity, misconstrued
Sagacity is nauseating.
Can you perchance see
That everyone standing around us
Is staring us down?
Don’t embarrass me.

Don’t waste your oxygen
On your carcinogen, insipid thunder.
I won’t still my tongue this time.
I’m not the specimen of a walking experiment.
I’m a human being, and I will scream back.

I can stand on my own two feet.
I don’t need anyone.
But I will not stand for this.
Are you listening?
I will not stand for this.

Here comes another one,
Another wishing to
Interrogate my anatomy.
You test my patience, friend.
I’ve no time left to spend on
Educating your deficiency.
Just when did the contents of
My pants become your concern?
Stay the fuck away from me.

So, let this be known.

I’ll fuck with who the fuck I please,
And if you talk shit, I’ll tape your
Eyes open so you can watch.
Don’t tell me who the fuck I am,
And don’t tell me what the fuck
I can do with my crotch.